Parting Stone

Parting Stone

Neal & Summers Funeral and Cremation Center is partnering with Parting Stone to offer a solid alternative to traditional cremated remains. People may choose solidified remains if they desire to take the remains home, place them in a niche, or scatter them. We are now able to provide an offering for families to receive stone-like solidified remains that can be touched, held, and shared.

If you have a loved one that has already passed away and you would like to turn their cremated remains into stones, please contact us to place your order.


Please call 765.342.8439 or contact us for additional information.

Cost: $1,795.00 for humans, $695 for infants, $995 for dogs and $795 for cats.

NOTE: Should families desire, we can assist with turning the cremated remains of a beloved pet into stones as well.

Order at the Time of Arrangements

You may choose to have your loved one's cremated remains returned as solidified stones at the time of arrangements. Just let your funeral director know you wish for the remains to return as stones instead of traditional cremated remains.

Add to Pre-Need Arrangements

If you would like to update your pre-need plan to include solidified remains, please contact us and we will update your arrangement.

A Unique Alternative to "Ashes"

Parting Stone is a new alternative to traditional cremated remains. Parting Stone takes cremated remains and processes them into beautiful stones that may be shared, stored, or scattered in meaningful places.

The average collection produces about 40-60 stones. Share your solidified remains with your family and let everyone heal in a way that is helpful to them.

A Solid Form of Remains

Parting Stone takes the full amount of cremated remains and turns them into a collection of stones.

What color will your stones be?

The appearance of each collection of solidified remains is 100% natural. The stones can result in different hues and textures making each stone uniquely beautiful.


What Parting Stone Customers are Saying

"When I took the stones from the box it was hard to put them down. I would do anything to hold Bill again but since that’s impossible I will have the stones to hold onto when I want to feel close to him."
~ Shirley
"My husband died at age 49, from cancer. It is wonderful to have him back home in a tangible way. I plan to ‘drop a rock’ in places that are meaningful to Darrell & I. I have already revisited Savannah, GA and dropped a rock in that city."
~ Debra
"Our family has decided that because our parents weren’t able to visit many places, we are going to place a stone at places we visit in their memory and honor and we’re keeping track of all the places they are now able to visit."
~ Anita
"When the stones came home the whole family came together and toasted their arrival and the revealing of their color."
~ Everett

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