COVID-19 Release Statement:  Neal & Summers Funeral and Cremation Center is humbled to have the opportunity to care for those who have died while also caring for those who mourn.  Our responsibility in providing care at times demands that we make decisions and implement practices, while confusing and potentially difficult, that are made for the greater good of public health and welfare.

As licensed Indiana funeral directors and funeral homes, the protection of public welfare and health, along with prevention in spread of infectious disease is part of our fundamental duty of care and legal responsibility.  Indiana Code 25-15-2-17(7)

With this is mind, the staff at Neal & Summers is committed to strictly following all prevailing federal, state, and local mandates in suppressing the spread of COVID-19.  While restrictive to public gatherings and events, these mandates are for the greater good of our community, staff, families and nation.

We are living in unprecedented and extraordinary times, filled with anxiety and uncertainty; we are sensitive that experiencing death is never easy, but most especially during times of national emergency when such restrictions may be in place.  Amid these uncontrollable circumstances, Neal & Summers remains committed to you and your family while caring for your loved one. 

Although service options in the immediate future may be severely limited due to these public health-related mandates, we will diligently work with you to find appropriate options and alternatives for your immediate needs within the current restrictions and assist in planning for future public memorial events when circumstances have improved.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and are truly humbled that you find our family worthy of caring for your family at such an important time.

Please take a few minutes to read the advisory memorandum below to acquaint yourself with the current COVID-19 guidelines for funeral service.  Stay safe!

IFDA COVID-19 Advisory Memorandum

IFDA COVID-19 Advisory Memorandum

DATE: May 11, 2020

RE: Funeral Protocol for Assembly of Persons During Re-Opening

As of  May 11, 2020, here is what is important for compliance:

1.) Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-26 from May 1, 2020 is to be followed with regard to funeral/memorial/visitation protocols; this is your guiding document.

While the State Department of Health’s May 6, 2020 Guidance for Funerals provides some helpful information, we believe it inadvertently miscommunicates EO 20-26 intent, therefore IFDA strongly recommends strict adherence to EO 20-26.

2.) Local orders/mandates (county or municipality), if any, have precedent to the number in assembly and social distancing so long as orders/mandates are as stringent or more stringent that Executive Order 20-26.

3.) Census for persons in assembly includes ALL funeral & support staff such as clergy, organist, soloist, bagpiper, cemetery & vault personnel and/or other persons present.

4.) Please pay special attention to items 4, 5 & 6 in Executive Order 20-26 for operating.

5.) Unless your county or municipality has stricter order/mandate in place, all Indiana counties, EXCEPT Marion and Cass Counties, are now in stage 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan.

Marion County will move to Stage 2, barring unanticipated change, 12:00 am Saturday May 16, 2020.

Cass County will move to Stage 2, barring unanticipated change, at 12:00 am Monday, May 18, 2020.

Assembly of persons for funerals/memorials and visitation remains at 10 people regardless of location for Marion and Cass counties until those dates when they move to Stage 2 and the 25 persons in assembly threshold.

6.) For those funeral homes currently in Stage 2, ALL VISITATIONS, regardless of location, are to be at no more than 25 persons in assembly at any one time with social distancing of 6 feet in any direction along with other social distancing measures (Items 4,5, & 6 in Executive Order 20-26) being observed. You may rotate groups as long as social distancing expectations are maintained (See Executive Order 20-26 Item 4, 5 & 6 on IFDA website for enhanced social distancing expectations placed on funeral homes and staff).

7.) If your county is in Stage 2 without further local restrictions, FUNERALS at your funeral home or another location, EXCEPT FOR CHURCH, are subject to a maximum 25 persons in assembly at any one time on premises.

FUNERALS (not visitations) AT CHURCH may have persons in assembly to the amount that will allow 6-foot social distancing in any direction to be observed and social distancing requirements satisfied (Items 4, 5, 6 Executive Order 20-26, Pages 4 & 5). To meet this obligation, a guidance would be approximately 3 persons maintaining social distancing protocols for every 100 square feet of space in the assembly space/room.

8.) Stage 2 is in effect until 11:59pm May 23, 2020, or until the Governor deems change to occur.

9.) Please make note of item 34 in Executive Order 20-26, Page 12, which articulates the Governor’s response on enforcement of said Executive Order 20-26.

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